What is GarageBand? Explained in a simple and comprehensible way

At first glance, you can already guess what Apple’s GarageBand is all about. The catchphrase “band” is the bridge to music. In our practical tip, you’ll find out what Apple’s GarageBand is all about.

garageband mac

GarageBand: Small music production by Apple

Apple provides Garageband software for the production of music on its home Mac computer. The software is part of the iLife package. There is also a GarageBand app on Android.
  • GarageBand has the task of producing its own songs in relatively few steps. The user can record his own real instruments or even his own vocals.
  • Apple provides an integrated sound library with various software instruments as well as presets for guitars. There are also virtual studio drummers – so what are waiting for?.
  • In addition, it is possible to import MIDI data. The output of MIDI signals, on the other hand, is only possible indirect via freeware.

Creation and variety of GarageBand

  • GarageBand was presented for the first time in 2004. Meanwhile, there is also an iOS app for Apple’s mobile devices.
  • Via iCloud, you can start editing songs on your iPhone and then complete it on your Mac. This allows processing on the go on different devices.
  • Finished songs can then be shared directly on social networks. In addition, the finished song can also be used as a ringtone.

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