Garageband on Android OS: the 3 best alternatives

Thanks to the Garageband app for Android, you can create your own songs. But in addition to the well-known top dog, there are many worthwhile alternatives. We have put together the 3 best of them for you.




Garage band alternative: Stagelight

  • Features: Use Stagelight to create your own songs on your Android device. You create your own beats, mix loops, record instruments, edit audio and MIDI files or mix vocal tracks to the finished song.
  • Handling: The operation of the app is very easy. The lesson teaches you the basic functions of the app.
  • Costs: Use of the app is completely free. In order to share your own songs with others, or to be able to edit recordings, you have to upgrade the Android app for a fee.
  • Conclusion: Good garage belt alternative with simple operation and all important functions.
Garageband alternative: Stagelight
Garageband alternative: Stagelight

Garageband alternative: PocketBand

  • Features: With PocketBand you can create your own songs in no time. You can also use numerous effects and even save the finished piece as an MP3 file or set it as a ringtone.
  • Handling: The operation of the app is easy and quick. With just one tap, you can create loops or samples, for example. You can also edit the equalizers for each song individually.
  • Costs: There are no costs for downloading and using the app. In order to be able to use other functions, you also have to pay here.
  • Conclusion: Easy to use app with a lot of functions.
Garage band alternative: PocketBand
Garage band alternative: PocketBand

Garageband alternative: WalkBand

  • Features: In WalkBand you can create your own song with various instruments and effects. Even other devices can be connected and used via USB.
  • Handling: First select which instrument you want to play and get started. You also have the option to mix the different instruments together to get the perfect song.
  • Costs: The use and download of the app is completely free.
  • Conclusion: Simple app and a lot of functions to create your own song on your smartphone.
Garage band alternative: WalkBand
Garage band alternative: WalkBand

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